A comparison of silas marner and godfrey cass

Silas Marner Comprehension Question 3 & 4

It took him months to understand what they were saying and then months more to be able to hold a conversation with them. The point Eliot is trying to make is that the love for a human being is more fulfilling than the love of money. She looks at it from several different points of view.

But the chapel has been pulled down and a factory built in its place.


His friend who betrays and blames him for the murder steals his love, Nancy Lammeter, whom he was eagerly awaiting to wed, from him. Money at this point appears to be the cause of his reintegration to society after earlier being the subject of his alienation.

They are supervised by a local Board of Guardians. William Dane is Silas' former best friend at Lantern Yard. Ever since her arrival in his home Silas learned about the strange feeling that manifested in him.

Shocked by this revelation, and coming to the realisation of his own conscience, Godfrey confesses to Nancy that Molly was his first wife and that Eppie is his child. In the same chapter, we become familiar with the irony of it all given that the incident of the theft occurred only after 15 years of Silas living in Raveloe.

Orchards, looking lazy with neglected plenty; the large church in the wide churchyard, which men gazed at lounging at their doors during service-time; the purple-faced farmers jogging along the lanes or turning in at the Rainbow; homesteads, where men supped heavily and slept in the light of the evening hearth, and where women seemed to be laying up a stock of linen for the life to come.

After the publisher John Blackwood read some of the manuscript and told her he found it somber, Eliot replied that it was not a sad story because "it sets in a strong light the remedial influences of pure, natural human relations.

Eliot gives both Silas and Godfrey adversaries. Through this process his fractured psyche starts to become whole again. He has yet to establish any worth other than his inheritance. However, through misfortune he comes to lose this precious hoard.

The true thief remains unknown, and Dunstan disappears. The population is rising rapidly. These profound meanings are never overstressed and Marner himself is doubtless but half aware of them.

Marner is certainly presented to us as a wronged man, but there is a sin in his embitterment. Godfrey is not evil in any way. But at least he does it from better motives, from consideration for others rather than for himself.

But when Marner was falsely accused of theft by another member of the church, his friend William Dane, he was forced to leave the town and make his life elsewhere.

Dunstan Cass is described with more negatively than Godfrey. People in Raveloe are not in the habit of applying a stern morality to their own lives, and they do not judge their neighbors in that way either. Yet at the final moments of ths confrontation Eppie?. A Comparison of Silas Marner and Godfrey Cass.

Godfrey Cass and Silas Marner are perfect foils. They each developed along similar lines but each differed at certain points. What is Silas Marner's vocation?

From what physical handicap does Silas Marner suffer? How is Silas regarded by the people of Raveloe? What prompted this reaction? What special talent do people believe Silas has? How would you describe Silas? Contrast Silas' life in Lantern Yard with that in Raveloe. By Comparing Silas Marner and Godfrey Cass, consider George Eliot's presentation of fatherhood in Silas Marner.

Silas Marner: Summary and Themes

There are many similarities between Silas Marner and George Eliot's own life. Both she and Marner discovered happiness again when they were middle aged; Marner was given Eppie and found love and trust once more through her. George Eliot’s novel “Silas Marner” affectionate-hearted Godfrey Cass, was fast becoming a bitter man, visited by cruel wishes, that seemed to enter again, like demons who had found in him a ready garnished home.

The statement emphasises the dilemma in which Godfrey found himself. He was turning from a kind, affectionate-hearted. Silas Marner and Godfrey Cass. Although Silas Marner is the main character, as the title indicates, Silas would not have been as fully developed if Eliot had not included Godfrey Cass.

Eliot compares and contrasts their two. The beginning of the stories of Silas Marner and Squire Cass' sons starts when the sons steal Silas' stash of money. It continues when Godfrey's daughter with the opium addict, Molly, ends up in Silas' care.

A comparison of silas marner and godfrey cass
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