Evidence based practice and applied nursing research task 1

Graphic A2 Background Information The stated purpose of the article was to increase vaccination rates among physicians and nurses in the hospital setting. There was a flaw in the design of the study; staff that may have been vaccinated elsewhere were not accounted in the total vaccination rate.

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Evidenced Based Practice – (C361)

Statistical analysis of the study was performed by an independent professor that was not part of the research team thus eliminating bias. During the study there was an avian influenza threat,and the H1N1 pandemic inthe data showed an increase in vaccination in both groups, significantly higher with physician vaccination.

One or more interventions may provide an increase in the rate of vaccination among healthcare providers. For task 2 my research topic was the efficacy of bathing patients with plain soap versus chlorhexidine products.

The researchers concluded based on statistically significant results that listening to sedating music can evoke a considerable autonomic nervous system response and reported that patients in medical ICU benefit from improved quality of sleep if nurses offer a short period of time for listening to music at nocturnal sleep.

Appropriateness of Other Research Types In considering the appropriateness of other research study designs, for the aim of this study to determine if music therapy at nocturnal hours is an effective treatment for sleep disturbances on the medical ICU, the experimental design is the most empirically based design.

The abstract was followed by a logical and illuminating discussion of the phenomena of sleep disturbance, common treatment for sleep disturbance, pharmacology treatment and related adverse reactions, and also provided a rationale for the research study. A2 Methodology This longitudinal quantitative descriptive study of the sample group compared annual rates between physicians and nurses.

One or more interventions may provide an increase in the rate of vaccination among healthcare providers. Vaccination rates were tracked for a targeted group, physicians and nurses. The music and sleep section includes historical evidence from and recent primary research from to Jan 10, '15 Occupation: My topic for the second task was the efficacy of plain soap versus chlorhexidine soap for bathing hospital inpatients.

Infection, 40 1According to Morin et al.

It also includes the hypothesis and rationale for the study. A2 Conclusion Results were summarized and the overall conclusion was clearly stated. Find a good devotion, or use your bible app to find a study plan. Praying you are in the blue now. A descriptive design is appropriate to describe the sleep disturbances that naturally occur on the medical ICU.

Razors versus clippers in preoperative hair removal.

Type of Research Descriptive statistical methods were listed as the primary method of research by the researchers. The shave prep for a surgical site entails of actually removing hair from the skin with a razor prior to surgery. The researchers also sought to minimize error through their statistical handling of data, by utilizing t and x2 statistics to determine if any significant difference was of characteristics and baseline measures was present.

Evidence Based Practice..

Stakeholders must have trust in what is being presented in order to gain support for a change. These guidelines give clear and concise examples of when it is appropriate to medicate patients that would not benefit from watchful waiting.

In considering a descriptive design type, according to Polit and Beck, the main objective is to accurately portray the characteristics of a phenomenon. If we are indeed granted the ability to change this practice, we will know it has been successful when there is a decrease in infections and in turn saving the hospital money due to these related costs.

The rationale for this method provided by the researchers was due to the lack of individual data and the fact that some individuals were included in more than one campaign.

Finally, the researchers identification of weaknesses and limitations of the study provide a starting point for future research in this area. The researchers purpose was to evaluate music therapy as an effective treatment for sleep disturbance, thus the descriptive design is inappropriate to measure the effectiveness of music therapy.

A2 Conclusion Results were summarized and the overall conclusion was clearly stated. Towards the end of the introduction section, the researchers further clarified their reasoning for this study, stating that music as a method to improve sleep lacks conclusive evidence as a complementary intervention in which this study attempts to remedy by using an objective tool, the polysomnography PSG.

The data gathered was primary. Vaccination rates were tracked for a targeted group, physicians and nurses. The literature review provides a comprehensive basis for the study by the presentation of relevant evidence.

For task 2 I did bedside report, because I knew it would be easy to research as well. This included actual number of individuals vaccinated as well as survey questionnaires to identify reasons the vaccine was declined and motivational factors leading to their acceptance of the vaccination.

In summary, this study was a quantitative, experimental, randomized control trial. It emphasizes the point that the condition must be accurately diagnosed in order to be treated correctly.

Evidence Based Nursing Practice Shallie V Witt, RN, COHN Submitted to Jo Ann Wegmann, RN, PhD. in partial fulfillment of NR R Evidenced Based Practice Regis University 12/6/10 Evidence Based Nursing Practice The purpose of this paper is to explore the impact of Evidence Based Research (EBR) on nursing practice.

Evidence Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research EBT 1 Task 1 Chris Collier # A Critique of a research article A1 Article Hegarty, J., Walsh, E Words: — Pages: Evidence Based Practice Task 1 Western Governors University Evidence Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research The nursing topic of interest is bedside handover, which is the concept of conducting shift handover at the patient’s bed instead of doing it at the front desk.

Has anyone taken Evidence based practice/ applied nursing research class at WGU? Wondering what problem statement (topic) you used and how you went about researching it.

I am having a hard time. For task 1 my research topic was smoking cessation. Since an abundance of research articles and sources cover that topic, I simplified things for. C Task 1 Quantitative versus Qualitative (1).doc Western Governors University Evidenced Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research.

Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Findings of evidenced based practice have to be disseminated to ensure that innovations for practice are replicated or applied in other settings by stakeholders in the health fraternity and healthcare professionals (Forsyth, Wright, Scherb & Gaspar, ).

Evidence based practice and applied nursing research task 1
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