Lesson 2 citizenship reading and questions

A sample sentence is verbally given and a writing space is provided.

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In this example, the legislative branch is "checking" the executive. Discuss after writing or role-playing. Who is the Commander in Chief of the military.

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Bythe country had recovered from the war and business was booming. Finally, write the following on the board: So your friend cheats on the test.

A federal law usually applies to all states and all people in the United States. The Stairs to the Registry Room. What can you do to be an active, faithful disciple and community member.

The jokes are awful. You have a few bills from your native country to exchange. Article III of the Constitution establishes the judicial branch. The teacher is busy. Our faith calls us to be active in our communities.

Every two years, one-third of the senators are up for election. Now, all the voters in a state elect their two U. All states have equal power in the Senate because each state has the same number of senators. Because it has two "chambers", the U.

This is part of being a good Catholic. You borrowed a pencil from the teacher's desk and lost it. Courage enables people to do the right thing even when its unpopular, difficult, or dangerous. In this way, states with many people have a stronger voice in the House.

The two debate the merits of voting all the way to the polling place. Both the Communists and the Nazis made significant gains in the Reichstag German parliament elections in Briefly discuss why this might be.

Constant is a word used to talk about things that stay the same. The House of Representatives has how many voting members. November The Constitution did not set a national election day.

What potential voting power do Latinos have in the United States. After returning the Bible to its place, end with the below prayer. For people who are old enough and who are citizens, voting is a very important part of making their voices heard. But the total number of voting U.

Kindergarten and Grade 1 A large part of the learning experience in kindergarten and first grade is socialization. Display the finished quilt and invite students to explain their panel to the class. Then try to think of a situation in which you fulfilled one of the small responsibilities. This community is sometimes called a "melting pot.

Either side of Congress—the Senate or the House of Representatives—can propose a bill to address an issue. Translations of the U.S. History/Government Test Questions For translations completed by community organizations, the organization's contact information is included on the translation.

***Please note that some information, such as the name of the President and Speaker of the House, changes regularly and may not be up to date. U.S. Citizenship Test. 1. What are the colors of our flag? 2.

Questioning: A Comprehension Strategy for Small-Group Guided Reading

How many stars are there in our flag? 3. What color are the stars on our flag? 4. What do the stars on the flag mean? Sep 29,  · US Citizenship Questions After 1.

What is the supreme law of the land? The Constitution 2. What does the Constitution do? Answer 1: sets up the government. Citizenship Test Give your students this sample citizenship test to see if they would pass. This printable includes a variety of questions from the actual U.S.

citizenship exam that is given at the end of the citizenship process. Unit 2, Citizenship A Curriculum; Unit 2, Citizenship A Curriculum. Part 1 Unit Overview. This is a 2-lesson unit in which students will become familiar with US geography.

Students will dictate questions and answers as they pertain to the citizenship test. At your citizenship interview, you will probably be asked to read a question aloud. Many students get the six question words confused. Choose which word is correct and then practice reading the question aloud.

Lesson 2 citizenship reading and questions
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