Reading and writing activities for dyslexia

It can help develop fluency, speed of word recognition and overall reading comprehension.

Reading & Dyslexia

Text-to-speech feature reads letters, words, sentences, documents, which is great because not many have this thorough level of read-aloud. This software can be useful for children with dyslexia because their verbal skills are often better than their writing.

Think of it as a high-tech version of flash cards. Focus on quality over quantity. My son would skip, miss, or repeat words as he read. Research shows that, in the early years, many children pass through a series of stages as they make the transition from notice to expert spellers.

Teaching Writing to the Dyslexic Student

Dyslexic students may have special difficulties with aspects of maths that require many steps or place a heavy load on the short-term memory, e. Children with dysgraphia may produce illegible written work. Say a word and ask him or her for a rhyme.

Having a systematic plan of action for writing will help them overcome this obstacle. If you feel it would be more effective for your group, you could also choose to do only one station each day.

Then your child might copy it. Talk to the teacher who may recommend an alternative method. Ask your child to say the same or a new sentence with the word in it and then to write that sentence. Learn more about writing capitals vs. Put key words on a card index system or on the inside cover of the pupils maths book so it can be used for reference and revision.

It has a built-in dictionary and works with text from lots of sources PDF, ebooks, email. Allow exams to be taken orally. For a science project on plant growth, what materials will you need to gather. I started pulling together all that I had learned and done with my students over the years and had my son do the same exercises and activities.

Next time, you hear it ask them what it is. Self-esteem is rapidly undermined if a teacher is underlining the differences between those with difficulties and their peers.

Maths Maths has its own language, and this can be the root of many problems. This website was created so we could share all the information and techniques that have helped us to overcome our literacy difficulties.

Tips From Students

Experienced UK Dyslexia Tutor offers tried-and-tested multi-sensory techniques, exercises and games for dyslexic/dyspraxic children and adults. Sarah Ablitt BA(Hons) PGDipSpLD/Dyslexia. Dyslexia is known as a reading disability but it also impacts writing ability. Let’s look at some ways we can teach writing to the dyslexic student.

Before we look at how to find a good writing curriculum for the dyslexic student, we need to identify the areas of writing that are most impacted by dyslexia.

Nessy Reading & Spelling is an internet-based program developed by a team of specialist teachers and psychologists. Developed for students years of age with reading differences such as dyslexia, Nessy is a powerful teaching tool for all students, including English as a second language learners.

Dyslexia programs to improve reading, spelling and writing

Children that struggle with reading, dyslexia, or learning disabilities typically perform more slowly on tasks that measure the speed of processing than those that read well.

So, when helping a child with dyslexia or learning disabilities, we also need to help them improve their processing speed, their ability to rapidly name words. The Wilson Reading System is a step remedial reading and writing program for individuals with language-based learning disabilities.

The system specifically teaches strategies for. is a fun online reading program specifically for dyslexic reading that also offers spelling, math, typing, and other programs all designed for the dyslexic learner.

Reading and writing activities for dyslexia
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